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4 Ways to Stop a Female Cat in Heat From Meowing

A female cat in heat means dealing with lots of loud meowing. This behavior is normal because she’s looking for a mate. But it can be stressful for both you and your cat.

During this time, your cat may act differently. She might be more affectionate and urinate more often. To help her calm down, try petting and comforting her. Also, keep her indoors to prevent male cats from bothering her. You can even talk to your vet about options like spaying.

In this article, we’ll explain why female cats in heat meow so much. Offer some simple tips to help reduce the noise and make your cat more comfortable. By understanding your cat’s needs and taking these steps.

Why Do Female Cats Go Into Heat?

Female cats go into heat because it’s a natural part of their life when they’re ready to make babies. This usually happens around six months of age. During this time, they do a few things to find a male cat to mate with.

First, they release strong smells and make loud sounds like meowing and yowling. This lets male cats know they are ready to have babies. Female cats also need to mate with male cats to prepare their eggs for babies. This differs from other animals that don’t need to mate to have babies.

In some places, female cats only go into heat during certain times of the year, like spring and summer, when it’s brighter outside. This can vary depending on where they live. If you don’t want your cat to have babies, getting her spayed by a vet is a good idea.

Heat Symptoms in Cats

Here are more details about the symptoms of a female cat in heat.

  • The cat might meow loudly and cat bite, almost like she’s crying. This is her way of telling male cats she’s ready to have kittens.
  • Your cat might seem to be pacing around the house and not staying in one place for long.
  • She will roll on the floor and knead her paws. Almost like she’s massaging something.
  • She might urinate outside her litter box, especially if she’s trying to let male cats know she’s in heat.
  • When you pet her lower back, she might lift her back end and arch her back.
  • Cats eat less when in heat because they’re preoccupied with finding a mate.
  • Your cat may become more determined to go outside, as she’s instinctively driven to find a male cat.

4 Ways to Stop a Female Cat in Heat

Here are four ways to help stop a female cat in heat explained in simple terms

1. Spaying

Spaying is a special surgery that vets do to female cats. It’s like a super important “fix” for them. During this surgery, the vet makes a tiny cut in the cat’s tummy, and then they take out the parts called the ovaries (and sometimes the uterus). These parts are the ones that make baby kittens and cause the cat to go into heat, which can be quite uncomfortable for her.

When a cat gets spayed, she can’t have kittens anymore and won’t have those uncomfortable heat times. It’s good for her health and helps control the number of cats worldwide. Most cats get spayed when they are around six months old or sometimes even earlier. So, it’s like a special operation that makes female cats healthier and unable to have kittens.

2. Hormonal Shots

Hormonal shots for cats in heat are like medicine that makes a female cat feel better during the heat. It’s like turning down the volume on her restlessness and meowing.

But, these shots are temporary, like a band-aid. So, if you don’t want your cat to keep having these uncomfortable heat times, you should talk to the vet about spaying.

3. Change the Environment

To make your cat feel better during her heat, keep her indoors so she does not meet male cats. Spend time playing and cuddling with her to keep her happy. Make sure her litter box is clean, and give her plenty of water. These things can help her feel more relaxed during her heat. But remember, these are just temporary fixes. Talk to your vet about spaying if you don’t want her to go through heat cycles anymore.

4. Pheromone Diffusers

Pheromone diffusers are like magic air fresheners for cats. They release scents that only cats can smell, and these scents can help calm them down. When a female cat is in heat and feeling stressed, these diffusers can make her feel better by reducing her anxiety.

It’s like a comforting smell that makes her less restless and noisy. But it’s important to know that these diffusers are not a long-term fix. They provide temporary relief.

Does a Male Cat Feel Heat?

Male cats don’t go through heat like female cats do. They are always ready for mating once they grow up, usually around six months old.

Instead of going into heat, male cats react when they sense a female cat in heat. They can tell by her smell and sounds. When they notice a female cat in heat, they may get restless, meow more, and try to go outside to find her for mating. In short, male cats are always ready to mate, while female cats go through a specific heat cycle.


A female cat’s heat cycle is a natural part of her life when she’s ready to have babies. This usually happens around six months of age. She does a few things during this time, like making loud sounds and releasing strong smells to attract male cats.

To help your cat during her heat, you can consider spaying, which is like a special surgery that stops the heat cycles for good. There are also temporary solutions like hormonal shots, creating a calm environment, and using pheromone diffusers that emit calming scents. These can make her feel better during her heat, but they are not a permanent fix.

It’s important to talk to your vet to decide what’s best for your cat’s health and peace of mind. Whether you choose spaying or other methods, understanding and addressing your cat’s needs during her heat is important for her comfort.

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